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About Us

Many people don’t relies that the second most important structure of any building is its roof, and that a well structured roof is essential to the value of your property, and that is what we do best.

We design and manufacture timber roof trusses to any specification and constructional need. For this task you need to have the expertise of a team way beyond your average skilled carpenter, and we are fortunate to have such expertise.

Our truss plant and estimators are also ITC Accredited and audited every year to ensure that our standards are of the highest quality possible in the industry.

Roof Truss Production Team:

Patrick is our Truss Plant Foreman; he is responsible for the day to day activities and production at the plant. He is an exceptionally well skilled carpenter and his input and skills are clearly visible in our end product.

The rest of the team is equally important to our success and we acknowledge their hard work and skills too, because without them we could not have achieved our goals.

To ensure a roof structure that is according to SABS standards and all applicable building ISO regulations you need to have the right equipment. We have invested in only the best equipment on the market to ensure that our roof trusses are of the highest quality possible.

Our truss plant team use this specialized equipment to its utmost potential which minimizes the change of human error and it enhances productivity to its maximum potential.

Accuracy is of the utmost importance in the construction and manufacturing of your roof trusses, therefore we do not gamble, we do it right the first time!

Roofing Supplies:

To be able to supply the daily demand and the demand of large development contracts you need to be organized, equipped and well stocked.

We buy all our roofing supplies in bulk and we manage our own transport. Therefore we can offer all building developers an extremely competitive pricing structure, whether it is a small or large development project.

Delivering Your Roof Structure:

Whether you are a small or private builder or If you manage a large building project and need a roof truss manufacturing team, and a site representative that is reliable, accurate, and professional that has pride in what they do, then you should contact us immediately!

No project is too small or too large for this team.  We deliver your roof structure on site.

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