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Consequences of home made trusses

IB Roof Trusses - Consequences of home made trussesMany Home Owners are under the impression that they can save money by using sub standard carpenters and most times unskilled and unqualified contractors to build and erect their roofs. We have very, very bad news for those Home Owners, because it will cost you a lot of additional money very shortly in the near future, and hopefully not the pain of losing a loved one. This is a very serious matter!

We see it on a daily bases that after we have given the Home Owner a quotation for his timber roof structure that the Home Owner still went and used unskilled contractors to manage the project, thinking that they saved money, after we have warned them about the consequences.

What you did not know:

IB Roof Trusses - Consequences of home made trussesThe average house will have a dead load of ±20 tons, depending on the size of the house, it can go up to ±28 tons and even more in the case of a larger building. Dead load is the weight of all the tiles, timber, nails, brackets and isolation used to build your roof. The timber roof trusses will need to be designed to provide the correct support for this heavy load for many years to come. If your timber roof structure is not designed to accommodate these loads accurately then your roof is a disaster waiting to happen with devastating consequences.

Your roof will leak and it will cost you more and more money time and time again to repair the damage, not to mention the discomfort to your family.

Roof failures are a very serious health risk, and can cause death when a collapse event occurs. Most roof repairs cannot take place while the building is occupied and generally the occupants will have to be re-located at a considerable cost not to mention the discomfort.

What You Should Know:

IB Roof Trusses - Consequences of home made trusses

Insurance Wise:

Home Owners Insurance will not make payment towards repairs, where it can be prove that the roof structure was not in compliance with the National Building Regulations.

Home Owners Insurance will also make no payments towards damages towards personal items damaged in the case of a roof failure, where it can be proven that the roof structure was not in compliance with the National Building Regulations.

Property Value:

By making use of unskilled craftsmen you actually decrease the value of your property dramatically.

You will never be able to sell your house, because the new buyer will not be able to get finance via a financial institution due to the fact that you have not the correct roof installed as per national building regulations.

IB Roof Trusses - Consequences of home made trussesStructural Issues:

Please do take very carefully note of the following. If your building structure was not build according to national building regulations all the way through then you will have an even bigger problem than you think. The building could collapse underneath the weight of the roof structure very easily. It is very important that Home Owners should know this and they should not gamble by trying to save money in the proses. Your home should last for many years to come and it should keep you save at all times. Don’t make it a health and safety risk!

If your timber roof trusses were not designed and build correctly, it will cause structural issues on your building due to the fact that the weight of the roof structure is not spread evenly across the building’s structural area. If point loads where not taken in consideration it will cause huge pressure points in your building and it will damage your building structure severally.

  • it will cause your walls to crack and even collapse due the constant pressure it has to endure
  • it will cause veranda’s, window and sliding door openings to sack and eventually collapse, breaking the window and sliding door.

Your Decisions and Consequences:

IB Roof Trusses - Consequences of home made trussesHow Important Is Your Loved Ones?

Are you really willing to take the risk of possible and even guaranteed damage to your personal items? Are you really willing to put the safety of your loved ones at risk where one of them can die due to the fact that you wanted to save money?

Preview Of Your Decisions:

This Home Owner was warned about the consequences and he actually did receive a quotation from us, still he preferred to use an unqualified craftsman to do the job, because he thought that he will save a lot of money. Please look very careful at the following photos taken of the house afterwards and decide for yourself if this is what you want?

ITC Accredited Fabricators

The Ultimate and Correct Choice:

What Do We Offer You?:

At IB Roof Trusses we ensure that your roof is according to all National Building Regulations. We are the only ITC-SA Certified Timber Roof Truss Manufacturer in the Northern Cape region. We have a Category “A” grade classification, and very proud of it!

Design and Manufacture:

All our nail plated timber roof structures are designed by a team of professional engineers, and in accordance with the SANS & SABS requirements as stipulated. These designs are applied in the manufacturing of the timber roof structure under the supervision of our qualified and highly skilled carpenters.

Our Timber Roof Structures are designed, manufactured and erected in accordance with:

  • Part L of SANS 10400 for “Deemed to Safety Regulations”
  • SANS 10243 for Manufacturing and Erection of Timber Roof Structures
  • SANS 10160 for determining the loads that will need to be accommodated by the structure
  • SANS 10163 for the use of timber in a structural application
  • SANS 1783 for the grading and treatment of structural timber

ITC Accredited Roof Truss Plant

Our Certification:

We are an ITC-SA Certified Fabricator who has been awarded a Certificate of Competence as a Category “A” Fabricator since 1998. We are audited randomly three times a year without notice to ensure that we design and manufacture timber roof structures according to the National Building Regulation and to the high standards of ITC-SA.

To qualify as a Category “A” Fabricator is very hard work, accuracy, precision and lots of dedication in your work. For each audit you need to score more than 95% in total, this is how high the standards of ITC-SA is and we are fortunate to score and average of 98-100% each time.

This is to show you how confident we are in your service and to give you the assurance that in the long run you will save lots of money, heartache, tears and unnecessary discomfort.

Do The Maths:

If you think that our quotation is not within your budget and you would prefer to use somebody cheaper, take the following aspects in consideration:

You might save money now but what would the following cost you money wise and your family emotionally?

the cost to rebuild the roof completely after the cheap one failed
the cost of the constant repairs due to leakages and sacking ceilings
the cost to replace the items that was damaged when the roof failed including your car
the cost, never ending heartache and pain when you lost a loved one when the roof failed

This is a very serious aspect and you have to make a very clear decision, a decision had can haunt you for the rest of your life, or give you years of endless pleasure, security and protection.

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