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Prefabricated Roof Trusses

When you start to build your dream home you have all these fabulous ideas and plans, all connected to a budget. As the project progresses your money is getting less and less and there are still so many things that need to be done, and countless more items emerge that you want to incorporate in your project.

Finally the walls are standing and it is time to get the roof done, and then it struck you, your budget is starting to look grim! You look at your remaining budget and you look at your list of things that you still want to do, and the sum does not add up. Finally you get the brainwave to ask a carpenter to build your roof trusses for you, and his calculations makes good sense to you, because all you see is how much you apparently are going to save. Wrong!

Many contractors does not play the game fair and they don’t tell you the exact amount it would cost you, because they want the job, and that’s where it all start to get bad.

Cons of building your own roof trusses:

  • Your carpenter will give you a list of  material he will need to construct your roof trusses. After a week he could tell you that he need more material, you would not understand it, but you will have to supply it since the task is already in progress.
  • Since you have no knowledge of roof structures you have no idea if he really need all that items requested and secondly you would not know if he felt out some very crucial items.
  • If your carpenter accidentally cut the joints on a beam incorrectly it is a lost to your account, and new beams need to be bought if he is not able to re-use it.
  • Since your carpenter will let you buy beams in full lengths the waist factor of off cuts will be enormous.
  • It will be impossible for your carpenter to construct all the roof trusses at exactly the same degrees and equally spaced webs, which means the load transfer on your roof is incorrect and will cause serious problems in the future to come.
  • It will take your carpenter at least two to three weeks to construct your roof trusses, all depending on the weather conditions too, which could delay it even more.
  • Your carpenter will make use of nails to join the webs and chords, an old fashioned building style that can cost you dearly.

Pro’s of using our prefabricated roof trusses:

  • You provide us your building plans and we give you an estimate cost of your roof structure, a quote which include all the material needed to construct  your roof structure.
  • You will know exactly how much your roof will cost when you start your project, which means you can plan and mange your budget better.
  • When it is time for your roof to be constructed you contact us and we will come out to your site and do accurate measurements of your building, compare it to your quote and inform your if changes should be made. This is applicable if your made last minute changes by shifting walls after the quote was given. If know changes were made, normal terms and conditions do apply.
  • We use a computerized design and cutting system which means all joints are accurately cut and that beams are used optimal, waist factor is minimal. This also ensure that trusses are designed and manufactured at the most cost effective way without compromising safety.
  • Joints of webs and chords are professionally jointed with high quality Tri-Plates, designed and tested for load transfers and tolerance for your specific roof structure.
  • Your roof trusses are manufactured accurately according to the latest building regulations and ISO standards applicable, within a very short time.
  • When your roof trusses are finished we deliver it with all the necessary brackets, cleats, nails and roof covering on site to be erected by your carpenter.
  • A full scale layout is also provided so that your carpenter can see exactly where each truss must be placed and fitted.
  • Full bracing details are provided that need to be installed to ensure stability and the safety of you and your loved once.
  • We do unexpected site visits to ensure that your roof structure is erected according to the ITC standards.

If you look at the advantages of using prefabricated roof trusses it is very clear and wise that you should use it. There are more benefits for you in the long term should you want to sell your house in the future. Your property will have more value if the roof is of high quality, and the buyer will get easier financing. But with all this knowledge, it is still up to you to decide what you want to do.

With this small article I tried to explain how important it is for you to know and ensure that your roof structure is of the highest quality. After all, it should protect you and your love once from all the elements that nature can throw at you for years to come. Why would you be satisfied with the second best if you could get the best.

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