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What you should tell your Estimator

IB Roof Trusses - Prefabricated Timber Roof TrussesThe plans of your dream home is been approved, know you want the construction to start. You already started to concentrate on all the features and accessories you want installed in your home, and this is where big problems can begin that has to be prevented.  This might be confusing for you since you might ask what on earth does it matter what features and accessories you install in your home. Well hopefully you will have a better understanding after you have read this article.

How does it work?

As roof truss designers and estimators we need to know specific information to ensure that we design and manufacture your prefabricated roof trusses accurately. Roof truss designers work on specific values which is implicated in load values, these values are determent by the weight of your roof trusses, roof covering, installed features and natural elements. Roof structures are designed and manufactured within various limits and specification by not declaring specific values will cause serious implications that could cost you dearly.

What is important?

Light features:

We design your roof structure to be fitted with standard light weight light fittings that weigh about 500grm to max 1kg. You decide to install a chandelier that looks stunning and weighs about 15kg and this is where the problems begin.

First of all you will struggle to mount your chandelier because the beams are not designed for that, which means it can fall at any time and somebody will get injured.

Secondly you are adding 14kg more to the truss load than what was allowed. This dead load now places a lot of tension and strain on that specific truss, and it has to carry all the load on its own. This tension and stress can cause a beam to crack and brake, which will cause your roof to fall in.

Solar Systems:

Energy saving is on everybody’s mind and with the cost of electricity many people is changing to solar systems. These systems are normally installed on the roof and if no provision where made it will cause you serious problems in the near future.  Solar systems are very heavy especially solar geysers when they are fully filled with water. These solar geysers are also standing high about the roof which is constantly exposed to strong winds. This is first of all a dead load on your roof and with the constant tension and contraction of the roof trusses that’s not designed for this structure you can be sure that disaster will strike some time.

Air-conditioning Systems:

Installing a central air-conditioning or water cooler system that have outlets in each room through the ceiling is also a feature that will cause problems if there were no provision done to accommodate and transfer the  load. These outlets can be quite heavy and it put a lot of stress on your roof trusses and is even more dangerous if you have more than one outlet in one room.

If we as designers and estimators knew this when we designed your roof trusses we could have eliminated the risks by strengthening the roof truss structure and adding the specific bracing to reduce stress on your roof structure.  It is thus very important to mention such features to your roof estimator beforehand so that your roof structure can be designed accordingly especially in the case of a newly constructed building.

Please also do take note that you have to ensure that your roof is capable of carrying the load before you install such features. Preventing a disaster is easier and cheaper than picking up the pieces afterwards.

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